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Welcome to our wiki! We will try to compile here as much information as possible about the project to bring it to all of you in a practical, detailed and clear manner. This site joins together functional, organizational and technical documents and is focused on final users as well as on the project's collaborators.

This library is growing constantly, new links and articles will appear every day. It's also open to the suggestions you can leave in the forum.

In the left side you will find links to the other webs (Navigation). The section about Users contains useful information for those who want to use Quimera Engine and learn to use many of its features, from the most basic to the most advanced ones. The Team members section contains all the information a collaborator needs to carry out his work, from class diagrams to workflow sketches or development conventions.

Below the navigation column is the search box, an easier way to access what you really need without going through several links.

This is important: at the top right corner, next to every section title, there are 4 buttons you can use to notify any error found in the articles of the wiki. It's fast and simple, it just requires 2 mouse clicks and is vital for us to be able to maintain the wiki in good condition, up to date and functional.

Links to the most visited articles will appear in the boxes below to let you access them directly. It's useful also for the new users to know where to go since it's very likely that the most visited sections match the most important ones.

We hope it's useful for you.

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